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Video shows Fight Break out during Beyoncé’s $1k ‘Renaissance World Tour’

Security guards sprang into action at a Beyoncé concert in Sweden Wednesday night as a fight reportedly broke out in the middle of the audience.

Two Beehive’s got into a fight during Beyoncé’s massive Renaissance World Tour

Fight breakout as the Renaissance singer was on stage in Sweden.

Beyoncé began her highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden for a sold-out crowd of 46,000. The show kicks off Bey’s first global solo run since her 2016 Formation Tour, nearly seven years ago.

“Renaissance” Wednesday night in Sweden. Unsurprisingly, there have been plenty of headlines coming from the first night of the tour. Before the show even started, parts of the setlist were leaked and fights.

The Swedish Police Authority confirmed that they had responded to several incidents during the show, adding that they were 'mostly minor', though declined to give any more information.

In another clip, a Beyoncé fan getting arrested during the show for allegedly trespassing into the exclusive “Club Renaissance” area. The cordoned-off area offers VIP treatment with a team of concierges and hosts. Regrettably, the fan seemed to be unaware that the term “concierge team” likely includes high-level security personnel.


The pop superstar opened her first solo tour in seven years in Stockholm and performed tracks from her acclaimed 2022 album, but left most of the choreography to her dancers.

Snippets and streams of Beyoncé’s performance sent fans into a frenzy across social media. In the clips below, for example, the queen hit Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock” dance sensation as she remixed “Diva” in a transition.

Also appearance of “Just Wanna Rock,” Bey worked some of Britney Spears’ pop hit “Toxic” into her Renaissance track “Thique.”

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour taking place in Europe will continue through June, with the North American leg beginning in Toronto, Canada on July 8 and wrapping Sept. 27 in New Orleans.


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