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Flo Rida reportedly wins $82 Million in Lawsuit against energy drink company ‘Celsius’

Miami-based rapper Flo Rida wins $82 million in lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drinks.

Flo Rida Wins $82 Million Verdict in Lawsuit Against Energy Drink Co. Celsius

Jury sides with Flo Rida in Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Celsius.

The rapper sued — Celsius Energy Drink’ owed him millions more under an endorsement deal. After a five-day trial, a jury agreed.

On Wednesday (Jan. 18) awarded rapper Flo Rida, best known for his hits like “Low” and “Right Round,” was awarded more than $82,000 in damages from energy drink maker Celsius in a lawsuit that claimed the company violated an endorsement deal with the rapper.

Flo’ awarded $82,640,450 in damages; his team initially sought at least $30,000.

The verdict came on the second day of deliberation, after jurors were treated to a crash course in contract law, endorsement deals, revenue sharing and who gets credit when a company's fortunes soar.

Flo Rida helped launch the energy drink company back in 2014.

The dispute was if Flo Rida's contract with Celsius expired after the company reached its sales goals. The company said it had while Flo’ claimed that the contract was still in place.


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