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Floyd Mayweather Jr., to help ‘70 families’ affected by Maui wildfires

The wildfires in Maui, Hawaii have now claimed the lives of at least 53 people.

Floyd Mayweather blessing 70 families impacted by Maui Wildfires — (Food, Clothing & Shelter)

Mayweather generously assisted seventy families affected by Maui Wildfires.

In the wake of the devastating Maui wildfires, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has taken remarkable steps to support the affected families.

Mayweather have already paid for 68 families, impacted by the natural disaster, to fly from Maui to Honolulu over the last two days. The 50-0 boxing legend, also provided hotel rooms for several weeks, as well as food from local restaurants and clothing to wear while they’re away from their homes.

According to TMZ, Mayweather is currently working with H&M to get clothing for the men, women, and children he’s assisting.


On Thursday (Aug. 10), ABC News confirmed, 53 people have died from the Maui wildfires, governor says, and historic Lahaina has burned down.

A search of the wildfire devastation on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Thursday revealed a wasteland of obliterated neighborhoods and landmarks charred beyond recognition, as the death toll rose to at least 53 and survivors told harrowing tales of narrow escapes with only the clothes on their backs.


According to CBS News, Officials warned the death toll will likely continue to go up, with multiple fires on the island still burning and teams spreading out to search charred areas.

“What we saw is likely the largest natural disaster in Hawaii state history,” Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said in a news conference Thursday afternoon, adding that “hundreds of homes” have been destroyed.

Officials were unable to provide an estimate on the number of people missing.


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