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Former Hot Boy Member Turk Wants a Hot Boy Reunion Tour Says “We don't need Birdman”

the former Hot Boys rapper Turk wants in on a Hot Boy reunion calls out Birdman ——“We don't need Baby, to hold everybody money.”

Hot Boy Turk was Motivated by Master P's No Limit Reunion Tour

Turk, a former member of the New Orleans hip-hop group the Hot Boys, says he wants a Hot Boy Reunion after watching No Limit family, on instagram live and head honcho himself Master P on stage with Mystikal, Mia X, Fiend, Mr-Serv-On, Silkk.

Watch here to see No Limit Reunion kick off in St Louis. Get your No Limit Reunion tickets now.

Most of you know that most of the Hot Boys members—Turk, Juvenile, B.G—left the record label in the subsequent years, leaving Wayne as the only Hot Boy on Cash Money’s roster.

The New Orleans rapper went on social media to demands a Hot Boy Reunion.

You can watch the two videos below, of former Hot Boy Member gets emotional about a reunion tour.

Turk Speaking Why A Hot Boy Reunion Needs To Happen. "We don't need Baby to hold everybody money!"

Turk Goes Off On IG Live About A Hot Boy Reunion Tour Needs To Happen


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