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Former Hot Boy Turk revealed B.G. will be coming home 'Any Day'

Turk declares that his Hot Boys bro B.G. is currently in Atlanta, GA and he's coming home anyway day.

After being sentenced to 14 years on drugs and weapons charges in 2012, former Cash Money Records original artist B.G. could possibly being tasting freedom real soon.

Original Hot Boys member B.G. has been serving a 14-year prison sentence in 2012, stemming from a weapons possession and witness tampering charge for the past two years. But, according to fellow 'Louisiana rapper Turk, B.G. may be getting out any day.

In recently interview, Turk informed fans that B.G. would be released "Any Day". Although the word hasn't been confirmed,"My dawg holdin it down he's actually in Atlanta" He added

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