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Former NFL All-Pro defensive end Jevon Kearse aka “The Freak” Held Holiday Dinner Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving: —Former NFL Star defensive end Jevon Kearse aka “The Freak” has never been shy about giving back to his community, his passion for giving to those in need. The Freak held his thanksgiving giveaway. On Saturday (Nov.23), by Jevon Kearse Foundation. The Jevon Kearse Foundation is set every year, Also he does back to school giveaways every year to the students in his hometown in Fort Myers, Florida.

“Holiday Dinner Giveaway” in Ft Myers, Florida at the Stars Complex.

Thanksgiving is approaching, Jevon Kearse Foundation— Did their part to make sure people in their respective hometown of Fort Myers at least had a meal on Turkey Day.

Check out photos from the giveaway event, below.


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