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Gillie Da Kid opens up about Son’s passing and having to wash his body alongside friend Freeway

Gillie Da Kid tells the Pivot co-hosts that he ‘became a man’ when he had to wash his Son’s body: ‘That Was The Day I Knew It Was Real’

Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ Gillie speaks on losing his son in emotional interview: “It was a very painful thing”

Gillie Da Kid talks losing his elder son — In a recent appearance on “The Pivot” podcast.

On Tuesday (Sept. 12), The Pivot Podcast, released the latest episode featuring Gillie Da Kid where he spoke to former NFL players Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, and Ryan Clark about his upbringing in Philadelphia, his successful “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” platform with cousin and collaborator Wallo267, and much more.

The Pivot co-hosts and Former Dolphins linebacker, Channing Crowder asked Gillie about the recent loss of his son, rapper YNG Cheese, and the worst moment of the already agonizing tragedy.

“The worst time had to be when I had to wash his body. That was the worst, but it was also the best because I became a man that day,” the Philly native expressed as tears began to pour down his face. “I thought I was a f**king man, but I wasn’t… I thought I was a man because I did man s**t. I paid bills. I took care of my family. I took care of my sisters. I took care of my dad, my mom, and kids that’s not even my kids because they lost their dad.”

Gillie continued, “When I washed my son’s body, it was a gift and a curse. It was a good thing and a bad thing because it was a very painful thing to see your son laying there cold and stiff, but I know I sent him off right.”

Gillie also made sure to show love to rapper Freeway, who he revealed was by his side through the entire ordeal. “I want to thank Freeway from the bottom of my heart. You were there every step of the way with me, brother,” he stated to the camera. “Washing my son’s body, the hardest s**t I ever had to do in my f**king life. I will always love you and respect you, brother, for life.”

See Gillie’s entire “The Pivot” interview below.


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