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Goldberg says Rihanna’s 2023 Super Bowl performance ‘DISGUSTING’ & SHAQ calls out all the critics

Rihanna is now drawing criticism for performing at halftime of Super Bowl LVII — however Shaq got her back.

“She did a wonderful job, she pregnant, she's blessed, she did her thing, she didn't fall just leave it there,” Shaq said.

ICE-T also chimed in on Rihanna's Super Bowl performance: “People are ALWAYS gonna talk Shit... ALWAYS”

Goldberg said he wasn’t impressed by Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance and RiRi’s fans claps back — Including Ice-T and Shaquille O'Neal.

Other celebs, however, bowed down to the songwriter after her medley at State Farm Stadium of “Diamonds,” “Work” and more hits.

If you were one of the people that was critical of Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime performance you might have an angry Shaquille O'Neal to deal with, because the former NBA legend/four-time NBA champion isn't here for any of that.

On Shaq’s podcast (The Big Podcast with Shaq) this week O'Neal said all of the people being critical of her performance should "shut your face."

“She did a wonderful job,” Shaq said on his Podcast (via TMZ Sports). “She's pregnant. She blessed it. She didn't fall. Just leave it there. All you superstars that's disrespecting and causing beef. Shut it up.”

He went on to say that if she was his woman he would have to “get at” critics.

“If she was my woman and I seen one of you superstars do that. I'm gonna have to get at you. Rappers. Presidential candidates. I'm gonna have to get at you. Leave her alone.”

The pioneer of gangster rap and television mogul recently hopped on Twitter to speak on Rihanna's ‘Haters’ following her triumphant return to the stage for the Super Bowl LVII.

“I learned something after Rihanna’s SuperBowl performance,” Ice-T said. “I LOVED it.. But the fact that some people absolutely Hated it lets me know. No matter how Great you are.. People are ALWAYS gonna talk Shit... ALWAYS. Smh”

This year's Super Bowl halftime show was arguably the biggest music event of 2023 simply because of the number of eyes that it draws. The halftime show reportedly had more than 118 million viewers, which is an absurdly high number of people.


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