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Gucci Mane Reignites Jeezy Beef With Savage Meme Regarding “TRUTH” Diss Track

Guwop Reflects On “Truth” With Savage Meme.

Gucci Mane Taunts Jeezy With Instagram Meme Reminder of Killing His Homeboy

On Tuesday (November 17th), Gucci took a moment to stroll back memory lane. The Evil Genius took to Instagram [Face with Tears of Joy Emojis] at the track's sheer disrespect, Gucci’s 2013 Jeezy diss song, “Truth.” Consider some of the lyrics, which include taunting Jeezy about his dead homie, Pookie Loc.

The meme also included a man attempting to dive for his freedom in a courtroom, indicating Jeezy would be mum about the situation if pressed.

"Go dig your partner up, n***a, bet he can't say shit, and if you looking for the kid, I'll be in Zone 6," rapped Guwop, challenge Jeezy with a cold demeanor often unseen in even the most heated of beefs. After all, Loc died at Gucci's own hand during a robbery attempt, though the rapper ultimately claimed self-defense. For what it's worth, Jeezy maintaine that he did not send Loc on the mission, and it still haunts him to this day.

On May 10, 2005, a then relatively unknown Gucci Mane was jumped inside a house in Decatur, Georgia. After firing back at the attackers, Pookie Loc, an associate of Jeezy, was shot and killed and his body was later found buried by a local middle school.

After turning himself in and being charged with murder, Gucci Mane claimed self-defense and his murder case was dropped in January 2006 due to insufficient evidence. “Icy,” the Atlanta rap legends only collaboration, was released in a month prior to the fatal shooting.

In a December 2019 interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Gucci Mane expressed no remorse for the killing and even doubled down on his actions.

“[Pookie Loc] needed to be in the ground,” Gucci Mane said coldly. “I put his ass where he supposed to be. He

tried me. If somebody comes he and try to kill you, yeah you know it’s self-defense … you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy is poised to be the biggest Verzuz battle yet. It will broadcast simultaneously on Instagram and Apple Music on Thursday (November 19) at 8 p.m. EST and 5 p.m PST.


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