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Happy 11 Birthday, to Lil Wayne and Lauren London's Son Kameron Carter

Lil Wayne and his son Kameron Carter are twins.

Reginae Carter Shares Photo of Her Little Brother Kam Wearing a Nipsey Hussle Chain

Kameron Carter is the son of Lil Wayne and Lauren London. After Weezy and Lauren split, the two reportedly began co-parenting and Nipsey Hussle served as a father figure to Kam, during his long-term relationship with LL.

Kam was born to Lil Wayne and Lauren London in September 9, 2009, Turning eleven-years-old today, his older sister Reginae Carter took to social media to share a new picture of Kam, wishing him a happy "Killa Day."

"Happy birthday to my little brother Kam," wrote Reginae on Instagram. "Love you."

Lauren London Celebrates Son Kam's 11th Birthday


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