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Happy 43 Birthday, Plies!

Grammy Award-nominated American rapper Today, July 1, is the birthday of Florida rapper Plies, who now turns 43.

Happy Birthday Florida Legend

Born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida, Plies didn't always know he be this big rap superstar. As Plies even went to college and was a wide receiver on the football team at Miami University, it wasn't until later that Plies answered his musical calling. After dropping out of college, Plies partnered with Slip-n-Slide Records and the rest is history. Garnering hits like "Shawty," "Bust It Baby" and even a Grammy nomination, Plies has made musical contributions to hip-hop that will never be forgotten.

Plies dubs himself "The GOAT" on his latest project. On (May 10, 2019) Plies dropped his "The Goat" mixtape went platinum in the streets.


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