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Happy 48 Birthday to the Queens rap legend Nasir Jones aka NAS

Today, Sept. 14, marks the birthday of one of hip-hop's greats, Nas. The New York legend turns 48 years of age.

Happy Birthday NAS!

One of the greatest US MC's of all time, arguably in the top five. The Queensbridge native has been a remarkable force in hip-hop for decades. Since the early 90s, Nas has created enough material to make him a strong contender for the hip-hop crown.

Starting his career at the age of 17 with his legendary appearance on the Main Source's "Live At The BBQ," Nas has been one of hip-hop's most celebrated mainstays, releasing 14 solo studio albums, the most recent of which was King’s Disease and King’s Disease II.

The Queensbridge native’s extensive discography, 2021 marked the first time he’d won a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Album category.

Today the New York MC is feeling the l-o-v-e. God’s Son has come forward to reflect on the attention he’s received on his 48th birthday.

Nasir Jones went to Instagram Tuesday (September 14) He wrote. "It’s not enough words, I hope Thank You will suffice. God is The Greatest." #Humbled


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