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Happy 52nd Birthday, to JAY-Z!

Jigga, Hov, Hova, Shawn Jay-ZCarter was born on this day December 4th.

Happy Birthday to a living legend. Jay-Z turns fifty-two years of a life well lived.

From his famed raps to becoming a full-fledged record executive to running his own businesses, Jay-Z can truly do it all. He’s often referred to as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Jay-Z has been in the game for so long, having undergone such an impressive transformation into hip-hop's first billionaire, it's beginning to feel like some younger fans have forgotten everything the Jigga Man has accomplished in rap. For starters, his discography includes more classics than the average rapper, with three unarguable and several that are certainly up for debate. Second, he's easily one of the most influential on a lyrical level, his dense writing packed to the point it required a Decoded book to truly unpack some of his verses. And third, he's more than likely holding a spot on your favorite rapper's top-five.

Jay-Z is the most nominated artist in Grammy history. He had been tied with Quincy Jones for 80 nods, but with this year's ballot, he has a total of 83 nominations. Jay-Z has won 23 Grammys in his career so far—the Recording Academy announced on Wednesday, (November 24).

Today, the Hip-Hop community celebrated the rapper’s birthday.


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