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Hussle Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam says NIP’s kids now own the Marathon Clothing Store

“After everything, Puma came back to the table and made sure the kids was [sic] set up straight,” said Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam.

PUMA reportedly makes yearly deposits into Nipsey Hussle's children's Trust Fund

Nipsey Hussle's kids is receiving money in their trust fund from Puma.

On Tuesday (March 14), the Late rapper's brother, Blacc Sam, joined the hosts of the Earn Your Leisure podcast to discuss venture behind Marathon Clothing. Sam noted the business move would help set Nip’s children up for the future, and allow them to experience ownership.

Just weeks before he was killed in 2019, Nipsey Hussle signed an expansive endorsement deal with PUMA (XETRA:PUM.DE -3.03%) . Since Hussle’s tragic death, PUMA has honored the partnership, working with the late rapper’s The Marathon Clothing to create multiple footwear and apparel collections and even bringing his life partner Lauren London on board as an official brand ambassador. This commitment to honoring Hussle’s legacy apparently extends beyond the partnership as well — in a recent interview, Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam revealed that PUMA puts money in Hussle’s children’s trust funds on a yearly basis.

“After everything, they came back to the table and made sure the kids was set up straight,” said Sam. “It had nothing to do with sales of clothes or the success of the capsules, just off the top every year they hit the kids in the trust fund. They did right for Hussle.”

Blacc Sam continued saying, When I say we own it, it’s in Hussle’s kids’ names,” he said. “This is something their father worked for, and that they own, and that’s important to me. Also, just having a brick and mortar, once again reinforced what Hussle told us, and taught us

Sam also spoke about the ongoing partnership between Puma and TMC, which produces at least one collection annually per Nipsey’s request in the original contract.

“They allowed us to also do the collabs and do it the way we wanna do it. It’s not about selling a lot of units or printing up a lot of t-shirts and going wild. It’s just let’s do it tasteful, let’s come in with the Hussle way.”

Watch Nipsey Hussle's brother Blacc Sam saying Puma sends money to Nip's kids' trust fund + More below.


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