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Ice Cube faces major backlash for assisting in helping President Trump develop “The Platinum Plan”

In a now-viral tweet, Trump campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson thanked West Coast icon Ice Cube for assisting in helping President Trump develop “The Platinum Plan,” which reportedly includes a $500 billion package for the Black community from the Republicans.

Trump Staffer Thanks Ice Cube for Helping Him Develop "The Platinum Plan"

Ice Cube says that he met with both the Democratic and Republican parties to discuss what they plan on doing for Black Americans.

"I'mma push the program. We got a program, I'm pushing it on everybody. We also met with the Republicans and shit. They brought us in. We talked to 'em. They've moved their agenda a lot because of what we said. You know, they put $500B on the table," he added. Trump's "Platinum Plan" includes an initiative to "increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion" through creating new 3M jobs in Black communities and 500K black-owned businesses.

"Who knows what's really gonna happen. I just know one of 'em is gonna win. I don't know if it can really matter to us. We gotta just push whoever's in there because no one's solved our problems. People say we can't take another four years of this. Black people, we can take anything. Shit," he continued, explaining his skepticism of the Democratic party.

Just a few days after releasing this video on his Twitter, one of Trump's administration, thanks Ice Cube for assisting develop ‘The Platinum Plan’ Katrina Pierson, took to Twitter where she gave Cube a shout out for helping develop the platinum plan.

via "Shoutout to @icecube for his willingness to step up and work with @realDonaldTrump Administration to help develop the #PlatinumPlan," she tweeted along with the link to the plan. Check it out below.

While Ice Cube's gained approval from Trump's staffer he faces major backlash from the black community.


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