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Ice Cube gets asked if he thinks the ‘illuminati exists’: “Probably So”

California legend says he believes that the Illuminati is “probably” real.

Ice Cube talks about the “illuminati & Gatekeepers” with The Breakfast Club

Ice Cube addresses the existence of The Illuminati plus more: New ‘Breakfast Club’ interview.

Ice Cube recently appeared on The Breakfast Club's alongside co-hosts, Charlamagne That God and DJ Envy, to discuss his basketball league, Big3, celebrating hip-hop's 50th anniversary, gatekeepers and so much more. However, at around 34:32 mark in the interview, Charlamagne asked the rapper-turned-actor if there's an Illuminati. Cube responded by saying that he believes the secret society exists. (Probably so,” Cube stated on the Breakfast Club).

Cube admits he hasn’t met anyone from the Illuminati and would be surprised if he did. He also says he doesn’t actually know anything about the group as he’s not a part of it.

“I don't know one, none of them, none of them tell me ‘Hey, I'm Illuminati,” Ice Cube said. ‘I don't participate in none of that, so, I don't know about it. Seem like its there, but who knows?”

Elsewhere, Ice Cube spoke about how people within these industries keep entertainers in line and tell them how to move. Ice Cube added that sometimes they will put up “gates” to keep people out of the way.

Watch the full interview on The Breakfast Club below.


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