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Internet gives “bad reviews” on Tyler Perry’s New film on Netflix 'Mea Culpa' starring Kelly Rowland

Critic reviews for Mea Culpa.

Movie Critics Shares Review of New Tyler Perry Film 'Mea Culpa'

Tyler Perry's new film “Mea Culpa” on Netflix leaves fans disappointed.

The 2024 steamy thriller Mea Culpa, written and directed by multi-hyphenate Tyler Perry and produced under his Tyler Perry Studios, Mea Culpa explores what happens when you blur the lines between personal and professional, as Kelly Rowland essays the role of a woman who defends a man accused of murdering his girlfriend. The Netflix film, which premiered on February 23, has an outlandish plot and even more ludicrous ending.

Kelly Rowland/former Destiny's Child singer is criminal defense attorney Mea Harper (Kelly Rowland) based in Chicago whose client; charismatic artist Zyair Malloy (Trevante Rhodes) has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. Mea, who has financial and martial problems with her husband Kal (Sean Sagar), takes on the problematic case and finds herself getting involved with Zyair. That's when things begin to get dangerous as Mea uncovers clues indicating her client's guilt and begins to unravel herself. While the chemistry between Rowland and Rhodes is lukewarm at best, anyone with eyes can see this affair is big, bad idea.

Tyler Perry is no stranger to this kind of filmmaking. He wears the writer’s hat on this one as he cooks up another one of those steamy thriller plots that culminate in a violent finale. Perry, who is an actor too, is not known for his nuanced writing. His films have been criticized for not looking cinematic enough and being on the wavelength of a soap opera rather than a movie.

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