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Internet pulled out receipts after Soulja Boy claims he was the first rapper wearing “Bathing APE”

Twitter is trolling Big Draco after the rapper claimed that he ‘made BAPE popular.’

Soulja Boy roasted for claiming he made BAPE popular: 'He forgot about Pharrell'

Soulja Boy goes Sneaker Shopping at SoleStage in Los Angeles and talks about being the rapper who started the Bape trend, being the first rapper to wear Nike Mags, buying Kanye West's Louis Vuitton sneakers in Cancun, and how lucrative his Yums sneaker deal was.

In new episode of Complex’s ‘Sneaker Shopping’, The "She Make It Clap" rapper made a pretty bold statement that has since wound up fashion fans. In the clip below, Soulja Boy claims that he popularised fashion brand BAPE: “I was the first rapper on BAPE. Period.” He then referred back to his ‘Crank That’ music video, a visual that got "millions and millions of views." which dates back to 2007.

Draco added, "They know who started it. They know who set the trend."

However, social media was quick to let him know that the Notorious B.I.G., and The Neptunes were the icons behind putting BAPE on the map.

Ice Cube son O’Shea Jackson even chimed in on Big Draco Bathing APE debate.

"They ain’t no where to find it [lol], "big died 4 years after it was created". If we talkin sales and shit then yeah. Pharrell first time I saw it. "O’Shea wrote", "Then Soulja had the record. But if we talkin first rapper". (Points at picture)


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