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Internet Reacts to Cardi B’s Impeccable Aim after a Woman who threw a Drink at Her

Fans praised Cardi B retaliation against a concert-goer who threw a drink at her on stage.

People are still throwing things at celebrities, and now the celebrities are fighting back

Fans in disbelief Cardi B’s aim actually hit the perpetrator.

On Saturday (July 29), Videos circulating all over social media of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” performance at a daytime party when suddenly a spectator threw a drink at her with splashes of liquid hitting her face. Shocked by the egregious act, the Grammy Award-winning rapper responded by throwing her microphone “directly” at the woman.

In the viral clips below, Cardi B can be seen walking to the side of the stage, when someone aims, and subsequently throws, a drink on her.

Cardi B responded by retweeted a fan account who posted an edited version of the clip. In her video, the original audio was replaced with 16 seconds of her verse from “JEALOUSY,” featuring her husband, Offset “Jealous Ass Bitch!” the caption read, along with a link to download or stream the single.

At one point, a spectator is shown raising a cup into the air before hurling the drink toward the stage. The New York artist’s initial reaction to the substance hitting her included shock as she shook her head.

It is not immediately known whether charges were filed against the concertgoer.


Shortly after the incident, Cardi’s Bardi Gang took to the comments section of various social media posts to show their support for the rapper.

“when y’all gone learn to stop throwing things at artists on stage, cardi not the one” Twitter user wrote.

A second added, “Cardi B aim is crazy! 😳”

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