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Internet reacts to Tom Brady paying homage to Chief Keef by playing ‘Love Sosa’ to troll Bears fans

Tom Brady pays Chief Keef's 'Love Sosa' after blowing out Chicago Bears and today immediately started trending.

The GOAT ‘QB’ trolled an entire city by using Chicago drill legend Chief Keef ‘Love Sosa’

In a viral video highlights from Sunday, Tom Brady sent his own post-game message to Buccaneers fans on Monday (October 25), basically letting everyone know how good he felt about how the team looked this season. 38-3 victory over the Chicago Bears, and decided to troll the city of Chicago in his latest video shared to social media.

The classic 2012 drill song he plays from Chief Keef, "Love Sosa," punctuating the 36-sec clip. It's also Brady's nod to Aaron Rodgers, who trashed-talked the folks at Soldier Field after ripping their defense apart. Brady took the subtle approach, but effective, nonetheless.

Fans reaction on Twitter over Brady playing 'Love Sosa' after he destroyed the Bears Sunday.

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