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Intruder arrested at Drake's Beverly Hills home and he's claiming Drizzy is his father

Los Angeles law enforcement officers arrested a man for trying to enter Drake’s $75 million estate.

Cops Arrest Home Intruder Claiming to Be Drake’s Son

LOS ANGELES, CA – A man who trespassed onto Drake’s new home near Beverly Hills and claimed to be the rapper’s son was arrested last week.

The Canadian native has spent time in Sweden recently. That overseas trip was marred by controversy in recent days.

TMZ reported on Tuesday (July 19), cops were called to the Aubrey Graham mansion last Friday (July 15) after an employee saw someone near the pool house. LAPD questioned the 23-year-old intruder, who claimed Drake is his dad and he was simply waiting for him to arrive home.

LAPD didn’t buy his story and handcuffed him for misdemeanor trespassing. Luckily for Drake, he wasn’t home at the time and the intruder never made it inside the house.

Drake bought his new $75 million home from singer Robbie Williams back in March. He purchased the pad to replace The Yolo Estate, which he sold for $12 million in June.

In June, he sold his three-house “YOLO Estate” in Hidden Hills for $12 million, according to TMZ.


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