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J. Cole announces ‘The Off-Season’ release date, reveals album art

J. Cole has finally put a date on it.

J. Cole finally dropping his ‘Off-Season’ album May 14

J. Cole shared release date and cover art for new album 'The Off-Season'

After years in the making, the North Carolina native, Dreamville Records co-founder announced in a tweet on Tuesday (May 4), ‘Just know this was years in the making.’ J. Cole finally revealed the news about the highly anticipated album Off Season will be releasing next Friday, May 14.

The Off-Season marks Cole’s first solo album since 2018’s chart-topping KOD. Last summer, he dropped two singles, “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice,” along with the politically-charged track “Snow on Tha Bluff.”

Back in December, Cole revealed that his next project would be The Off-Season, followed by It’s a Boy and his long-awaited album The Fall Off, after which he may retire.

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