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J. Cole blesses fan by paying for his food after card gets declined

The North Carolina-bred spitter paid for a fan’s meal after his card was declined while co-signing Drake's new album.

J. Cole's fan card was declined, and Cole picked up the tab.

J. Cole recently came to a fan's rescue after his card was declined while trying to buy food after work.

Instagram user @thatoneguyrandom.100 revealed Cole happened to be in the same place at the same time and stepped in to pay for his order in Los Angeles on Friday (June 17). Following the gesture, he took a selfie with the Dreamville founder, who held up his iPhone with one of Drake’s latest songs “Overdrive” being played on Apple Music.

“so I went to get some food after work, my card declined.” the fan wrote in the caption. “next thing I know j cole pays for it. wooooow.”

Replying to someone in the comments who didn’t know who J. Cole was, he said, “he’s so real! And he’s one of the best rappers to ever touch the mic.”


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