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J. Cole declared himself as the Mount Rushmore of hip-hop during “The Off-Season” tour

J. Cole crowns himself Mt. rushmore of his era on ‘The Off-Season’ tour.

J. Cole Shows His “Mt. Rushmore Of Rap” during the Off-Season Tour

On Monday night (October 11), J. Cole tour touched down in Dallas at the American Airlines Center, the Dreamville Records head honcho decided to give his “Mount Rushmore of Rap” list. Through a picture at the stage, which showed himself having all four spots.

He addressed those Mt. Rushmore conversations in his own way─I wanted to be able to come to this level of place and give y’all the f**king bars, the real ill bars,” Jermaine said. “’Cause I’ve been coming to Dallas for a really long time and I know people really appreciate the bars, the art of putting these fucking words together. I gotta step on this stage in front of thousands of people and still be able to be true to who I am and what I love.

Check out the photo taking by Eric Diep below.

Vibe reports, Dallas fans also agree that Cole deserves his Mount Rushmore spot because of his dedication, his discipline, and his prowess.


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