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J. Cole Tries Out for Detroit Pistons

Detroit Bad Boys offered J. Cole a recent tryout for their team, it's possible that they might be in preliminary talks to welcome him on their roster for next year.

J. Cole makes his debut at Detroit Pistons practice facility

Last August, J. Cole let the world know that he was planning on trying out for the Detroit Pistons. And, he stayed true to his word.

On Monday, (March 29) The rapper's manager recently revealed that he was present at the Detroit Pistons' training facility, sharing a photo from their state-of-the-art headquarters. Alongside seven others, Ibrahim Hamad was welcomed by the team, thanking the organization for their hospitality directly following their meeting. Cole's name was not on the banner addressing his manager, but the sheer presence of Ib at the Pistons' facility has brought back speculation that the North Carolina-based rapper could be planning a move to the NBA.

The Detroit Pistons extended an invitation for multi-platinum recording artist J. Cole to try out for their team back in August 2020, and it seems as though the rapper might have finally taken the offer.


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