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Jada Pinkett Smith Wishes longtime boo Tupac Shakur a Happy 49th Birthday & Relevance Wisdom he left

Jada Pinkett Smith expresses Tupac Shakur words of wisdom still relevant til this day, and what would have been the rapper's 49th birthday.

Jada took a moment to share some kind words to 2Pac Shakur, on what would have been the rapper's 49th birthday

While Pac was tragically murdered on September 7th of 1996, Jada's has done her part in preserving the rapper's memory on her Instagram page. Hollywood actress knows the importance of June 16. The veteran entertainer has come forward to remember the life of her late friend 2Pac on his 49th birthday.

On Tuesday, Jada went to Instagram with some heartfelt words about what Pac represented. She also shared footage of the late music icon speaking on the importance of helping non-white children around the world.

Tupac and I would have around the relationship between racism, sexism, misogyny, poverty and how they all play a crucial part in the oppression of Black people and other communities of color so that capitalism could exist and thrive. We were tired of seeing our people at the bottom and we were in constant debate of the state of Black youth and what we needed to do to help change the condition of our community.”


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