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Jadakiss gives Lil Wayne his flowers at LIV Miami show, Reflects how quickly Weezy record his raps

Jadakiss recalls the moments Lil Wayne's can record a verse in minutes.

Jadakiss praises Lil Wayne during a LIV Miami show

During a recent show at LIV Miami on Sunday (Oct. 3), Jadakiss brought out Lil Tunechi and offered his praises of the wildly prolific and beloved New Orleans rapper. The two have collaborated a number of times throughout their careers, and welcoming Wayne to the stage, Jada gave some perspective on just how quickly Weezy writes his verses.

“You know what he done for the culture, you know what he done for hip-hop,” Jada said as be brought out Lil Wayne during the show. “It’s only a few n***as I can send a verse, and he send that shit back before I finish rolling my backwood up.”

Check out the two clips of Jada bringing out Lil Wayne at his Miami show below.


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