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Japan App Takes Over United States Called Momo Hacks YouTube, Peppa Pig and Fortnite

Parents think their child is safe watching a normal episode of Peppa Pig or footage from Fortnite - but a sinister clip has been inserted

Japan App Takes Over United States Called Momo: Created by a Japanese artist Who Has Nothing To Do With The Challenge At All (VIDEO)

The Deadly Momo Challenge Has A Japanese Connect


The deadly "Momo Challenge", which has kept the cyber security experts across the world on their toes over the past few weeks, has more Japanese connect than you can think of.

The challenge uses a grotesque image of a girl with bulging eyes  The character of the girl, "Momo", is inspired from a Japanese light novel, "Ballad of Shinigami", written by Japanese author K-Ske Hasegawa. It centers around a young girl named "Momo", who is a "shinigami", which in Japenese means "the girl god of death".

Momo leads the souls, once the souls leaves the bodies, to "the other side". She carries with her a large scythe and tries to "ease suffering of the people" she encounters whether they are living or dead.

The novel has eerie similarity to the online "Momo challenge" which ends with the player committing suicide.

The online challenge mainly targets teenagers on WhatsApp. The players in the message are challenged to do some tasks - usually self-harm - and record it on the phone. If they refuse, they are sent "aggressive images" and threats that their near and dear ones will be targeted. 

The challenge uses the picture of half-woman-half-bird creature "Momo", inspired by the artwork created by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi. After the online challenge turned fatal for several people across the world, the artist, however, clarified that she is in no way related to the deadly challenge.

WATCH Japanese People React To Momo Suicide Challenge | ASIAN BOSS


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