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Jay-Z Addresses “If Biggie Was Alive, Hov Wouldn't Be In His Position” Comments On New Pusha T Track

Pusha T surprised fans with a new single titled ‘Neck & Wrist’ featuring Jay-Z and Pharrell.

Jay-Z discusses how life would've been differently had The Notorious B.I.G. never been murdered

Pusha T and Jay-Z are at it once again with a new collaboration, “Neck and Wrist,” out now.

Hov unleashes a rare verse on Pusha T’s new song “Neck & Wrist” on Wednesday (April 6). Produced by and featuring vocals-production Pharrell Williams, the track finds Hov referencing Biggie’s death and The Commission — their supergroup that never materialized.

Jay responds to critics' claims that he wouldn't have reached the monumental level of success he maintains now if Biggie were still alive. “They like, ‘If BIG was alive, Hov wouldn’t be in his position,'” JAY-Z raps on the song. “If BIG had survived, y’all would have got The Commission/Hov was gon’ always be Hov/It ’twas the universe will ’cause Allah said so, and now I’m here.”

Take a listen to “Neck & Wrist” below.

“Neck & Wrist” follows Pusha T’s recent singles “Diet Coke” and “Hear Me Clearly.” It’ll mark Jay-Z and Pusha T’s first collaboration since 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” Both rappers also appeared on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song “So Appalled” in 2010.

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