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Jay Z now part owner of the “Crip-A-Cola” soda company by Killer Mike

Killer Mike launched a new soda venture in 2019: where he got Crips and Bloods to come together to collaborate on "Crip-a-Cola" and "Blood Pop." He spoke about the collaboration during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he explained that he wanted to introduce a legal product that would benefit the gang rivalry. 

Jay-Z to Become Part Owner of “Crip-A-Cola”

On Friday (Aug. 20), Consisting of Atlanta native rapper Killer Mike announces Shawn Corey Carter partnership with “Crip-A-Cola” on instagram [via] I sincerely appreciate my brother and 🐐 status Emcee/entrepreneur, Jay Z. He is a model for taking the “Dope Man” mentality and advancing it into business.

Hov Weighs In On Crip-a-cola brand in latest song “Entrepreneur” with Pharrell


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