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Jay-Z's company “Marcy Venture Partners” Reportedly invested in a App that builds credit scores

Hov new app “Perch Credit” to help build your credit scores.

Jay-Z Launched New App with Michael Broughton called “Perch Credit” to increase your credit score through Netflix, Hulu and Spotify Payments

Forbes reports, (Feb 9) Jay-Z Teams Up With Ceo Michael Broughton of Perch Credit App — a new startup expanding the financial technology industry, and rap icon Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners (MVP).

Perch Credit CEO Michael Broughton and CTO Ayush Jain co-founded the company to help young adults quickly build good credit scores by tapping into non-traditional data points. MVP is enabling Perch Credit to automate credit score building and offer free access to other financial and educational tools. With direct ties to the music industry, the firm also positions Broughton and Ayush to develop new fintech solutions specifically designed to support young recording artists.

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