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Jay-Z to drop Made in America,” a book on success 11/26

Michael Eric Dyson will reveal how Jay-Z was Made in America.

The Influence and Legacy of JAY-Z, According to the Author of New Book 'Made in America'

“This book is the fruit of a decade of teaching about one of the greatest poets this nation has produced,” Dyson tells EW. “Jay-Z is not only a remarkable recording artist and ingenious businessman, but he is one of our most gifted wordsmiths whose language drips with all the poetic tricks and skills you’ll find in Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and Rita Dove. But as a rapper, he’s sometimes not given the credit he deserves for just how great an artist he’s been for so long.”

Dyson’s book, JAY-Z: Made in America, is set to be released on November 26, shortly before JAY-Z’s 50th birthday (pre-orders of the book are available here). Michael Eric Dyson details how the artist lives by the notion of wanting to “die enormous instead of living dormant” and why his everlasting legacy will prove this as correct.


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