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Jeezy on Transitions from Hip-Hop's Street Gospel to Gentlemen, Urban Philosopher & Businessman

Jeezy explains growth from Snowman to Businessman.

Jeezy: “I can't be out here preaching DISRUPTION' I'm watching my people CRUMBLE”

In recent episode of Jeezy's talk show titled Worth a Conversation, Jeezy sits down with actor and comedian Mike Epps to talk about music, acting, the industry, and much more.

Mike Epps asks Jeezy how the Snowman transition to Businessman.

Jeezy states, “I told the truth but the most thing was being brave enough to do it — and knowing that I built myself up enough it ain't about rapping. I don't just gotta have that money because I done did so many other things I'm still going to tell my truth.”

He continued, Maybe if they don't get it now ten years from now when they dig that back up they going to be like [he was talking, that talk].”

Back in 2019, Revolt Summit. Jeezy made it clear from the very beginning, The Snowman was has mixed motivation with trap music. This was actually fueled by his upbringing in the church — thanks to his grandma — and fusing that with what he learned from the streets. It was the preacher that kept the youth in check, telling them to keep striving and keep believing in a higher cause.

Calling himself an “urban philosopher,” Jeezy never looked at himself as a rapper. He was someone who always gave his people words of encouragement — even when he was hustling. He explains, “When I got into music, I didn’t take the gangster route. I took the motivation route because that’s who I am as a person.”


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