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Jeezy's Mother Passes Away: Pens Heartfelt Message

Jay Wayne Jenkins shared the news of mother's death in an Instagram post Wednesday,(Feb. 17) along with a video, photo touching on his mother's casket one “last time.”

Jeezy Mourns Mother's Death: ‘MY SUPER HERO’

As Jeezy wrapped up his caption, he promised his mother he would watch over the family. In a post he said,

“You taught me to be a man when I was a boy. Made me man up be a father when I was a kid. Raised me to be a natural born leader when I was lost. You lifted me when I was down. Inspired me when I had no inspiration.”

Jeezy went on to say, “Always told me I was Bigger than my circumstances. My Super Hero. Feared nothing or no one.. No obstacle or set backs. One of the only people in the world I could trust. When I had nothing or no one, I had you Mamma. You was hard on me. I thank you for that. You gave me confidence when I didn’t have any. Made me feel like I can put the world on my back and walk barefoot. You never judged or down talked my dreams. Or my downfalls.”

He continued, “You just encouraged. I thank GOD you got a glimpse of the Man and Woman you raised and all the good we gave to world all because you gave it to us. My faith is strong. I know God has you now. We let heaven borrow our Angel. Kiss my brother Michael. Tell em we love him. And to take care of you. You are in a better place. Dancing and singing to your favorite songs. With that beautiful smile on your face… I will continue to make you proud. I LOVE YOU MOMMA. FORVER MY MOMMA’S BABY. Don’t you worry, I got Trina and the Family. Rest in Heaven our Queen.” Take a look:

During an August 2019 interview with The Breakfast Club, the Snowman revealed she was suffering from some kind of illness but didn’t expound on the topic, calling it simply a “situation.”


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