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Joyner Lucas Meets Will Smith for the First Time since his Tribute music video

Check out Lucas and Smith Chop It Up below.

Will Smith says he can't stop watching Joyner Lucas' 'Will' Video: 'This Will Be My Ninth Time'

Will & Jaden Smith hanging out with Joyner Lucas on Snapchat. Joyner Lucas’s tribute video to Will Smith brought them together over Snapchat – thanks to Jaden Smith.

On Wednesday (April 8), Will Smith finally had a chance to thank Joyner Lucas for his scintillating tribute video "Will" on his new Snapchat series Will at Home.

Will at Home, admitted to watching the creative visual nine times.

"You've always been my idol. For me, I feel like you've done everything the right way, and I really look up to that."Later, Jaden Smith joins the conversation as the trio begin to marvel at Lucas' creativity and how his son seamlessly played the role of the "ICON" lyricist. "I always told you my son looked just like you when you were a kid, Jaden," Lucas quipped.


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