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Kanye West is opening a basketball prep school ‘Donda Academy’

‘Ye’ Donda Academy is loading up on talent.

Kanye West opening Donda Academy prep school in California

Kanye West is reportedly set to open the ‘Donda Academy’, a new school in Simi Valley, California, "and is focusing on building a high school prep team to rival the stacked Sierra Canyon Trailblazers."

Named after his Mother and the rapper’s recent 10th studio album, the school has a specific focus on basketball and has already agreed transfers to the school of a number of the US’s most highly-rated high school basketball players.

Donda Academy has managed to land a bevy of elite talent despite having yet to name a head coach, with five-star 2023 guard Robert Dillingham, four-star 2022 guard Zion Cruz, four-star forward Jalen Hooks and 2024 forward Jakhi Howard, who profiles as one of the best players in his class, set to join the program.

One promising basketball player, Jakhi Howard, confirmed his move to the school on Instagram, writing: “I will be moving to California and I will be transferring to Donda Academy, I want to THANK YOU NORCROSS and the whole BLUE DEVIL FAMILY STILL WILL BE MY FAMILY.”

West has also reportedly reached out to the players personally on Instagram, with one telling Yahoo Sports: “It’s crazy that he reached out. But he’s building a good team with players that I want to play with and it’s out in LA in a good market so it’s something me and my family have to think about.”


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