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Kanye West to premier a new song at Tonight's NBA Finals in a Beats commercial starring Sha'Carri R.

A new Yeezy track will premiere in a beats commercial starring Sha'Carri Richardson during tonight's NBA Finals.

Kanye West is premiering something new ahead of New Album release This Week

Kanye West is gearing up to release the official follow-up to Jesus Is King.

Rumors of Kanye West’s upcoming Donda album have been confirmed by Pusha T. On Monday (July 19), the president of Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music record label posted a flyer on social media announcing that his friend and collaborator will be hosting a massive listening party ahead of the album’s release.

On Tuesday (July 20) Sha’Carri Richardson is reportedly starring in a Beats commercial which will debut during the NBA Finals Game 6 tonight. The spot also features a new track from Kanye West.


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