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Kash Doll Calls Nicki Minaj delusional “I unfollowed Nicki 2weeks ago”

Kash Doll after putting her issues out on the table calls Nicki Minaj's delusional in a Mini-clip on IG Live.

Kash Doll is now speaking out people comparing her against Queen Nicki Minaj.

It appears as though no one is seeking women to deliver diss tracks. We argue it’s an act of “anti-feminism” if they do. Instead, we marvel at the bi**hiness of their issues with one another, finding satisfaction in catty interviews and social media videos. But in the end, it’s a disservice to the culture and the movement of women who constantly ask for the word “female” to be stripped from the beginning of their titles so that it just says “rapper.”

See the video Kash Doll mini live posted below.

Kash Doll [spoke] that Nicki Minaj came at her sideways so she unfollowed her “I'm Human.”


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