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Kevin Gates claims he hasn’t been sick since he stopped ‘LYING’: “speak the truth’

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Gates leaves fans puzzled, once again, by his latest claim.

Gates explained how simply “telling the truth” has prevented him from getting sick

Kevin Gates says he stopped getting sick once he started ‘telling the truth’

The New Orleans-bred rapper explained to the hosts that he hasn't gotten sick in a very long time, which he stated telling the truth.

In the latest episode of the I Am Athlete podcast, (featuring Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson). Gates open up about his illness after realizing he wasn't being honest.

“From me not telling the truth, my throat chakra started getting blocked and I started getting sick, the 37-year-old explained at around the 50-minute mark. “I started having colds until I started opening my throat chakra and speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since.”

He continued, “When I was living at the other spot before I moved here, I used to be sick a lot. Just weak and everything because I wasn’t speaking my truth. And when I’m not speaking my truth, I’m not living in my truth. And when you set boundaries, you’re showing love for yourself. It’s okay to tell people ‘No, not today.’”

While the hosts seemed puzzled, his comment about boundaries brought them back in. “It’s okay to tell people, ‘No, not today,’” Gates added. “But I had a fear of telling people, ‘No.’ Once you tell a n***a, ‘No,’ they act like you never told ’em, ‘Yes,’” to which everyone laughed.

The Baton Rouge native also revealed one of his rituals before being intimate with a woman.

“I pray before I have sex,” he said around the 17-minute mark. “I noticed what made me kind of shy away from talking about it is because when I talk to women it seemed like they was chasing after a fetish or they was seeking arousal or things of that nature. He said that they “really wanted clout from those type of situations and conversations but they don’t understand like when you with God [sex] is spiritual unification.”

Watch Kevin Gates full conversation with I Am Athlete below.


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