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Kevin Gates dropped “Back In Blood” freestyle

Luca too shiesty.

Kevin Gates Freestyle Over Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk’s collaboration, “Back In Blood”: Listen

Friday, the Baton Rouge rapper delivered a brand new freestyle on Pooh Shiesty & Lil Durk’s “Back In Blood” instrumental.

Listen to the freestyle below:

Before lobster it was cereal and window unit friends/

Bitch I'm mafia material/ could never take the stand

This lil bopper she do miracles/ now watch her move that ass

Out the plane/ et out the parachute/ and then went got the bag

I'm like Puerto Rico Johnny with them bricks I'm driving fast

I was on the phone with Draco out in ClayCo doing a dash

In February, Kevin Gates released his latest project, Only The Generals Pt. 2.


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