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Kevin Gates Reveals That He Was Molested as a Child stole grandmother's gun in New Song “Fairytale”

fellow Baton Rouge rapper, revealed a tragic truth in his new song off ‘Only the Generals Part II’

Kevin Gates Pours His Heart Out On “Fairytale”

Kevin Gates has unveiled his surprise new project on (Feb. 19) Only the Generals Part II via Bread Winners Association and Atlantic Records.

A presumed follow-up to his EP Only The Generals Gon Understand. The project sees 12 tracks from the Baton Rouge emcee, along with production assistance from Pancho, Outtatown, DJ Frank E, DMacTooBangin, Danny Wolf, Taz Taylor, Section 8, and more.

Gates shared his personal story of being molested as child and return with a vengeance after his mother didn't believe him. I was molested inside of my mother's home, she ain't believe me when I was young That's when I stole my grandmother's gun. I walked in that bitch and I put him up.” He raps

I guess I always been a protector, women and children they need the protection.

I had a fear of being vulnerable which translates into aggression.” He continued

Gates also spoke about what being a “general” means to him.

“To be a general, you’re on the frontline, but you still govern,” he said. “Whether you’re a man, a woman, or a child, you’ve got responsibilities. When you’re a general, you recognize those responsibilities. This project speaks to the heart, so it’s only for the generals. It’s not an album. I just wanted to bless the game with something beautiful.”

Press play on both Only The Generals, Pt. II and the video for “Puerto Rico Luv” below.


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