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Kevin Hart New Stand Up Comedy titled “Irresponsible” released today on NETFLIX

Kevin Hart Addresses Infidelity, Homophobic Tweets Ahead of Stand-Up Special

Kevin Hart isn't shying away from his recent scandals in his latest stand-up special. Ahead of the premiere of his Netflix special Irresponsible, the comedian explained how he moved beyond his cheating and bad tweets, even turning some of his troubles into material.

"As a human, you've got to be OK with being flawed. You've got to be OK with knowing that mistakes can be made, and that there's always opportunity for growth and improvement," he said in an interview with USA Today. "The only way to learn is to (mess) up. My stand-up comedy is an open book to my life, all the good and the bad."

Hart famously had his Oscars-hosting gig implode after old, homophobic tweets of his resurfaced. Hart said that he was able to make amends by talking to the LGBTQ people in his life who his old material might have offended.

"I had several conversations with good friends of mine that are part of the LGBTQ community, and listened and heard the point of view that was very important, which was, 'Hey, Kevin, we just want to know that you don't feel the way you felt then. We wanted to hear you say that,'" Hart explained."I thought that me putting my change on display and never going back to that was the best way to do that... Hopefully, the people of the LGBTQ community know that I in no way, shape, or form embrace any ill will toward anybody in general. It’s not who I am."


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