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Kevin Hart's Fans goes after him for Being Silent regarding the death of “George Floyd”

Kevin Hart's first Instagram post, (May 27) #sweepstakes since the murder of George Floyd killed by Minneapolis cops, and fans are not having it.

Fans urges Kevin Hart to say something about George Floyd death, on his 91.6M IG platform:

Tweeting a hashtag or liking someone's Facebook post is one thing, but actually doing something is another. Following the death of Eric Garner and recently George Floyd at the hands of police officers who claim to only want to protect and serve regardless of a person's race, class, or creed, the United States is once again faced with the daunting reality of a broken police system. That system, as made clear by the frequent killings of black Americans by police officers around the nation, is only perpetuated by many politicians and public figures' apparent refusal to directly address the problem: police.

See what Kevin Hart fans had to say, read the comments below.

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