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Kevin Hart to Open a Vegan Fast Food Restaurant Called “Hart House” with Former Burger King Chef

Comedian, actor, and entrepreneur Kevin Hart is slated to open vegan fast-food chain “Hart House” in the Los Angeles area this month.

Kevin Hart Set to Open Two Plant-Based Restaurants in L.A.

Philadelphia native Kevin Hart is opening a new vegan fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles.

Kevin Hart is opening two plant-based restaurants called Hart House. The first Hart House will open this month, one will be in Hollywood. The menu will reportedly feature vegan burgers, “chicken” sandwiches and nuggets, fries, tots, salads, and milkshakes.

Hart revealed his plant-based diet in a recent Joe Rogan podcast, claiming his near-death experience in an accident prompted him to lead a healthier life. That includes abstaining rom red meat, fish and any seafood.

“It's HAPPENING! On Thursday, August 25th, my restaurant @myharthouse will be open its doors in Los Angeles,” Hart announced on Instagram. “We're excited to disrupt fast food with a flavorful and affordable plant-based option. I am so excited for YOU to try it. We'll be dropping heat all week, tag someone in Los Angeles who needs to mark their calendar. LETS GOOOOOO! #EatYourHartOut #HartHouse

The concept for Hart House first came to Hart several years ago at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years in the making, the team is ready to bring the vegan fast-food chain to the public, starting with several locations in the Los Angeles area.

Hart Burger opens at 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. on August. 25. It’s located at 8901 S Sepulveda Avenue.

In addition to physical locations, Hart House will operate food trucks and provide catering services.


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