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Keyshia Cole says she's retiring from singing to focus on parenting

Oakland native Keyshia Cole, a multi-platinum selling R&B star has announced on Wednesday, (March 17) that she is retiring in order to focus on parenting full time. Which is both admirable.

Keyshia Cole Says She's Retiring to Focus on Family Life over Twitter

The singer-songwriter took to Twitter react to the $1,400 stimulus payments that were deposited in the accounts of most eligible Americans. Amid her tweet, she managed to hint at an end to her music career.

Responded to a fan honored her accomplishments and told her that her new single was “buzzing up the charts.” —"You winning right now Keyshia your new single is buzzing up the charts you should be top 20 next week! Stay focused u got this!!", Keyshia Cole replied, “I’m retiring.”

Another fan questioned if she was telling the truth. “I’m not lying,” replied Keyshia, while shooting down claims that she was hacked.


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