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Killer Mike Is Catching Serious Flack For Meeting With Georgia Gov. and Trump Loyalist, Brian Kemp

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike meets with Governor Brian Kemp.

Killer Mike never shies away from the opportunity to have a conversation with someone he disagrees with. But that doesn’t mean people are not going to look at him sideways either. Donald Trump loyalist and who doubles as  Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp shared photos of a meeting that took place between the rapper and himself and his wife, Marty Kemp. As you can imagine, folks are not happy about it.

Atlanta Rapper and community activist has been criticized on Twitter after a meeting with Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp on Wednesday. Kemp's gubernatorial policies have been controversial and divisive, notably refusing to take proactive coronavirus measures to protect his constituents and

even threatening to sur Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms over the city's lockdown and mask policy. In August, Kemp ratified a new law to introduce new measures to protect law enforcement officers, a move that has been criticized as tone deaf in the midst of a national movement to increase police accountability

According to Brian Kemp, during the meeting between himself and Killer Mike, the two discussed how the music industry and small businesses are “weathering the storm” through the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of skilled trade workers, and how to stop the human trafficking issue in the state of Georgia. Kemp also teased that this won’t be the only meeting between the two as well.

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