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Kim Kardashian hits the studio recording a rap song, gets a co-sign from Soulja Boy

Kim K hopped in the music recording studio. On Thursday (October 21), to record her Saturday Night Live rap song.

A viral Video of Kim Kardashian in the booth, recording her “SNL” rap song

In a 15-secs clip, Kardashian is heard rapping, “I know you little girls ain't laughing at me/For your information, I wasn’t asleep/I was resting my eyes, why you worried about me?/But now I’m wide awake and…” She raps on the song, which debuted on her episode of SNL.

Akademiks shared the short video via Instagram page, and Soulja Boy hopped in the comments “Crank That” rapper who has made it known repeatedly how much he lusts after the 40-year-old mother of four, showed his support with a simple “fire” emoji.

Check out Kim's rapping video below, and the live version that aired on SNL.


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