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Kobe Bryant's Lakers Championship Ring he gifted Mom 'Pam Bryant' sells for $206k

Kobe Bryant's memorabilia is selling for large amounts ever since his passing.

Private Collector Just Made Over $200k Auctioning Off a Ring Kobe Bryant Bought for His Mother.

Twenty years ago, Kobe Bryant gave his parents each a 14k gold-and-diamond ring to commemorate his first NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers from the 1999-2000 season.

According to TMZ, the man who bought the ring recently went to Goldin Auctions to see how much he could fetch for it. After starting the bids at $15,000, the man was able to get a whopping $206K which just goes to show how in-demand this piece of memorabilia was.

Kobe had initially tried to stop his parents from selling the items with a lawsuit against them, but ultimately agreed to let them follow through with selling the six items. It's also being reported that the ring that belonged to Kobe's father will also be getting its own auction. If we had to guess, that ring will get the same amount, if not more since there are now less on the auction market.


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