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Kodak Black Co-Signs Trump's Platinum Plan Behind Bars “That platinum plan is right”

Kodak Black hops on Trump train from prison: ”That platinum plan is right“

Kodak Black joined the ranks of Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, and others in co-signing Donald Trump for re-election.

Not only Kodak Black is planning to release a new album called Bill Israel from prison, but he’s also keeping his eye on politics.

the Florida native, has attempted to connect with Donald Trump on several occasions, desperately reaching out to the current President of the United States with pleas to get him released from prison. He filed a petition with the current POTUS asking him to spring him from lockup to no avail.

Last week, (Oct. 26) the Pompano Beach, Florida native became the latest rapper to hop on the Donald Trump train by vocalizing his support for Trump’s proposed Platinum Plan.


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