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Kodak Black Returns: Skinny, New permanent diamond cut, New forehead tattoo

A look at Kodak Black since he’s been released from prison.

Kodak Black has a new forehead tattoo, a new hairstyle, and a new mouthful of diamonds

Fans caught a first glimpse of the rapper, who was pardoned by Trump last month. Fresh off a Presidential pardon from Donald “Treasonous” Trump, Kodak Black is back on the streets and ready to makeup for lost times behind bars.

Kodak Black has new jewelry, new permanent diamond cut from Johnny Dang, new hair and a new look after being recently released from prison. The “Broward County” rapper received a last-minute pardon from Donald Trump last month, commuting his 46-month prison sentence. On Jan. 23, he dropped his single “Last Day In” to celebrate his freedom.


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